Hello , World!

This is my blog \ website where I talk about my dog , Alfie.

Alfie is a miniature Jack russell. Covered in golden skin and an unusual diamond patch of white ,  Alfie is a very rare colour for a Jack Russell !

He is now 1 year old and he is such a pleasure to have trotting about and constantly dropping his ball at my feet. Over the last year, I have learnt alot about how to train , groom and look after dogs. So, on this little blog I am going to share Tips and Tricks about how to do exactly that! I am pretty sure that there are Hundreds, Thousands, MILLIONS of Jack Russells called Alfie , but there is something special about my Alfie , that is why I’ve decided to do this blog.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and I will be uploading every Wednesday and Sunday! Please ignore the fact that this is uploaded on a Friday!!

Paw prints ,

Me  x