Choosing the right dog breed for you

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Today’s blog post is about “Choosing the right dog breed for you”.

This can be a tricky decision because you need to choose a dog suitable for the whole family!

Family – A dog that your kids aren’t going to be scared of , A dog that’s easy to train and is not a challenge, any size dog.

Only you – A dog that gives you something to do ( obviously every dog gives you something to do but I mean walks , playing etc. etc. ) , A dog that can be your companion , that helps you , a large dog.

An only son/ daughter – A companion , A dog that they can play with , a small dog.

An elderly – Another companion , A dog that can help them , Possibly a dog that is around 3-4 years old so that they don’t have the problem of trying to train him/ her , a big dog.

To be honest when I chose Alfie I was 9 so I didn’t really know anything about Jack Russell’s even though I was ( and still am ) addicted to dogs. I don’t regret anything about buying a mini Jack Russell.

So what’s the right dog for you?

Here are a few suggestions :

Family – Jack Russell ( due to personal experience )

Only you – A German shepherd

Only child- A yorkshire terrier , another one that’s due to personal experience even though I am not a only child : We had 2 Yorkies called Lady and Princess nothing more that I can say except- What lovely 9 years we all had ! Sadly , Princess died last September the 3 rd she was a lovely dog and we never had any problems with her. Lady is alive and all well she is a lovely dog too.

An elderly – A Labrador full stop . Labradors are beautiful , they are definitely no 1 on my list!

I hope this helped, thanks for reading this blog! Tune in on Wednesday at 19:30 for my next blog!

Next blog on Wednesday will be about : Finding a good breeder


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