Finding a good breeder

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So , last weekend I did a blog post about finding the right breed and we all know that once you’ve found a lovely breed and done lots and lots of research we need to find a good breeder with the right paper work and most importantly the right dog!

Pets4homes is a friendly site with breeders up and down the country, you just enter in an address, dog breed and price.  The bad thing is pets4homes only covers England , Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Once you have looked at a few breeders and decided the right colour , gender and price , take a day to go and look at at least 3 breeders.

How old do you want your dog to be? 

This really depends on  whether you want hard work or no work at all!

If you buy a puppy at 8 weeks/ 2 months you have the work of puppy training which is hard with any dog but some dogs are especially difficult as they just don’t listen! Note – If you get a pup at about 1 year old you will not get the cute puppy days!


Things that are important-

1.  Vaccinations must be done so that your puppy cannot catch or carry diseases until these 2 vaccinations are done your puppy CANNOT go for walks or see other dogs!

2. Is the dog above age? This is so important! Does the dog look too young? A puppy is supposed to be over 8 weeks old. Ask for the date of birth and then do the math yourself!

3. You NEED to see the mother and her paperworks to prove she really is the mother of the dog your buying.

4. Is he microchipped? Micro chips are a very important part of a dogs life and quite frankly could SAVE a dogs life!! If your dog is ever lost police can scan the chip that includes your number , address and name.

5. Make sure you are happy with the dog you are about to buy , this dog will live lots of years and you might not like their behaviour or personality. So, don’t rush it you’ve got plenty of time!

Have a great time choosing your pup and make sure you enjoy it while you can!

Tune in on Sunday for “Preparing”

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