Preparing for your puppy


This blog post is about “Preparing for your puppy” and it’s dedicated to my sister who is overexcited for this post! 

Everyone thinks this is the best part because at this point you get super excited to bring  the new family member home! { And let’s be real EVERYONE loves puppy shopping!}

Right so let’s get on with it:
Find a day when your not busy and go to a local garden centre/pet shop where there is lots to choose from for all puppies big or small 🙂 

Dog beds- I love this one! There are lots of dog beds on the market and some of them are really funky and you look at them and think “Who designed that?!”but the design of it is totes up to you! However, the bed size and shape is where I come in 😉 The bed size needs to be quite small as puppies need to feel safe and sound in their new home. { Obviously if you chose a bigger dog make sure it’s not TOO small!} 

Leads & Harness- May of you may question why I’ve put “Harness” instead of collar. The reason is when you go on walks with your puppy there going to be excited so when there is a car coming or they are walking to fast for you , you can tug on their lead without it pulling on their throat so that it doesn’t hurt! 

Clothes- Cute! I love choosing little jackets and pyjamas! Normally, they have written on them XXL , XL , L , M, S, XS,XXS. Have fun with this one! 

Pens { optional }- This one is different for every dog. If you get a dog older than a year it should be puppy trained so this may not be needed.Puppies at the age of 8 weeks may need one so that they don’t pee all over the house! 

Toys- Alfies fave! You should have some hard , teething toys and some soft , cuddly toys!

And that’s it! Can I just say Pets4homes have a huge variety of cute things and cuddly toys {and hard toys!} 

Thanks for tuning in again this week and I am really enjoying writing for you guys!! 

Next post on Wednesday – Bringing a pup home 


                                                                              Me x



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