Bring him home!

Hello , World!

I have written this blog post very late!

‘Bring him home!’ ? What is this blog post about? When you have come back home from the breeders!!!

Here are some Tips and Tricks-

  • Everyone is going to be excited except from the puppy! You must remember this pup has been taken away from it’s parents less than 1 hour ago! Put yourself in that position for a moment.. Horrible feeling isn’t it? So, think about what you would like: Space , Water , Cuddly toys , snuggly bed-  homely owners.
  • If you don’t think your pups behaviour is right do not hesitate to ask somebody or ring the breeders!
  • Of a night your new pup is going to cry. You may feel terribly sorry but take my word DO NOT GIVE HIM ATTENTION! If you do this is going to happen every night! I remember my first night with Alfie , I nearly cried!
  • Puppy train as soon as possible!
  • Last but not least , Enjoy! These are the good days!

Hope that helped!

Puppy’s have a great memory! If you do not act nicely around him , he will not act nicely around you!

You can  always find more puppy fun on my Instagram – meandalfie

Lastly , thanks so much for making this blog hit a whopping 108 views per DAY!

Your simply amazing and you have no idea how happy I am!

Pawprints and 108 thanks,

Me and Alfie  x


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