Puppy Fun!

Hello, World!
How are my lovely readers?

I am terribly sorry that I didn’t upload on Sunday!

We had guests and I honestly just didn’t have the time.

But , I am back today with another blog post!

Also, before I begin be sure to follow my Instagram- meandalfie you  will be updated on everything to do with this blog and Alf!

Lets Begin!

Many of you may wonder after buying my pup what do I do?

Here are a few suggestions-

  • Long Walks- Make sure you give your pup plenty of exercise! 2 jabs must have been completed before you can even take your puppy out so I would recommend to do this ASAP.
  • Playing- If you do not have these jabs yet for whatever reason playing in the house is a substitute and definitely the fun part!
  •   Dental sticks- These are like treasure to dogs! 2 in 1 fun and healthy mouths and no stinky breath!!
  • Take lots of photos- You will keep these as great memories! Also, you can show off about your new pup on Instagram!
  • Share your experiences- Do what I did make a blog or a youtube channel! {Ask your parents before joining the ‘World of Internet’.
  • Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

The main thing about having a puppy is that it will give you confidence because you are able to say ” I trained that dog!” It can give you a responsibility  , do your parents always say “Go outside , do something!” ?  Not anymore, a dog can give you plenty to do and the good thing is it never gets boring!

I love blogging for you guys! Are you enjoying this too? Be sure to let me know in the comments or over at my instagram!


Me x


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