Hello, World!

Before you ask , no I am not giving up my site!! Todays blog is just a chatty what’s going on blog.

I was just wondering what to do next? As we have blogged about all the main things I am thinking of doing a blog every Sunday.Not Wednesday. Would that work?

Let me know on my Instagram please by commenting on my recent photos.

Also, you can comment even on this blog by scrolling to the bottom of this blog post and commenting! What blogs would you like? Id love to hear your ideas!!

I receive nice comments saying how much people like my blog and i’m so happy!

I am going to update you guys on the viewers and subscribers! if you do not follow my site make sure you do as it will update you when ever I upload.

So, let me know what you think and I will get back to you guys on Wednesday with a normal blog about Alf! Alfie is currently asleep and will probably not get up until later on today as I have just ran him around and played with him.

Hope you enjoyed a sit-down-chatty blog today and make sure you leave a comment down below or on my Insta and I will look at your ideas!


Me x


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