How to deal with barking

Hello, World!

So since I planned Sundays blog already, I’ve decided to do a requested blog about barking that a subscriber has requested me to do. If you want a blog explaining something or asking something ask down below or over at my insta < Click there.

So it’s about a common issue Barking!

Here we go-

Barking is a way of sharing expressions with other dogs. It’s just like talking , but if your dog is constantly barking at air it can become a real stress!

There is a solution. Every time your dog  barks at nothing follow these instructions-

  1. Tell him to sit and wait.
  2. Say stop in a nice way while gently touching his nose.
  3. Each time that he doesn’t stop the barking get louder and more serious about this. NOTE| Do NOT hit his nose gently touch his nose.

Does this help?

And remember, it’s not always the dogs fault. If your dog is not obedient you might not have trained well or trained too late.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you on Sunday for another meandalfie blog!


Me x



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