Frozen Peanut Butter Treats

Hello World!

I have been so un active on here it`s ridiculous!

If you follow my instagram you will see that I have been walking alot, and overall having a great time over half-term!

They are treats for dogs and i´m so excited. Please go and check out the recipe!

Here we go-

You will need:

Plain Greek Yogurt

Peanut Butter

Any moulds/ trays of your choice!

How to:

  • Spoon a small bit of your peanut butter into the base of the ice tray. To make it easier you can heat up the peanut butter before hand to also make it less messy.
  • Then, put the greek yogurt in the moulds to fill them to the top.
  • Press down the mixture to make sure it´s all packed in.
  • Next, pop in the freezer for 4 hours to stiffen! You might want to make these the night before!
  • Finally, the nicest part of the progress, EAT THEM! ( Oh, and , by the way, they are only for pooches like little Alf to feast on. I know, what a downer humans!)

And there we have our Novembery frozen treats! Hope you all doggies had a lovely time eating them. I love writing blogs an I will definitely be posting more often!


Me x



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