Meandalfie’s Instagram!

Hello World,

What an interesting title, no? Instagram? Whaaaa?

Well can I just say i´m thrilled to finally be writing this blog! As of all of the exciting ones like my treats that I made to my very first post, this one just make me sooooooooo happy! The massive support from all followers either on here or at my instagram makes me realise just how nice both the dog and blog industry are! I have gained just over 140 followers on my instagram and a whopping 297 followers on my blog! I am forever thankful for all the love, following sprees, comments, likes and overall support. I remember the first day I ever got the “meandalfie” instagram account, it was first called “alfie___xo” but then, I got my blog and I thought “who is going to follow someone called alfie 3 underscores xo?” So, I changed it to the name of my blog AKA meandalfie. I only had precisely 4 followers. I thought that was amazing and so I carried on doing what I was doing . By August I had 65 followers and I only started my instagram in March. I was so happy I actually screamed. Everyone thought I was nuts as I already had 68 followers on my private instagram! But, I was happy I thought i´d never get more than that, and I did.I got 100. 100 isn´t the final number. I have no number that will be my limit. Just keep going and spreading the word, you have done a good job so far!! Instagram link > click there 



Me x


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