Doggy Christmas!

Hello World!

So, I think it’s fair to say I haven’t posted in well, a long while!

If you have been keeping up with my social media: find me on Instagram at meandalfie , you will know that I have been posting a load of quotes, christmassy photos and lots more…

Right so, my blog today is about how to get festive with your doggies this Xmas! I will be doing a blog everyday on this run-up ( 1 week ) about how to be completely in the Christmas mood with your dog! These blogs may contain activities from other sites such as Pinterest and Instagram! Feel free to look at those people’s feed ( I will shout them out in a blog if I use their ideas)

Things you should have already done:

  • Bought a doggy advent calendar- good ones that I would recommend are;Lily’s Kitchen or Trixie- I have bought a Trixie one!
  • Bought some sort of Christmassy clothing for your dog- I have little reindeer antlers and a jingly santa hat!
  • Dance to Christmas songs with your dog (necessary!)
  • Watched a dog Christmas movie!
  • Bought a Christmas gift for your dog! Make sure they don’t see.

If you haven’t already done 1 of those you need to get moving!!

Hope this put you and reminded you of the Christmassy Spirit see you all tomorrow for more…

 Snowy Pawprints,

Me xx

P.S- This Christmas please support the dogs in need or dogs that are currently training to change lives for those unfortunate than ourselves (blind or deaf) donate something this season to Dogsforgood uk. Get all info at my Instagram  I have started a hashtag meandalfiehelpthedogsatxmas please use it to spread the word!





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