Doggy Christmas; 2

Hello World,

I AM A FAILURE! I said that I would post EVERYDAY until Christmas Eve; Let´s just say that was a mistake! Basically, I have been so busy with school work and exams but now I have finished school for Christmas. So, enough of explaining and let´s get into the blog…

Grab a cuppa tea and a mince pie (like me) , cosy up on the sofa with your dog and get Christmassy with Me&Alfie…


How to get Christmassy;

  • Running out of gift ideas? Perfect guide; Adidas dog wear on Amazon-

  • Interested in art? Try this very cute and clever idea I found; PAW PRINT art! Instructions:
  1. Get a piece of paper and get your dogs paw painted a water colour so that you can wash it off afterwards.
  2. Put the fresh painted paw on the paper, quickly remove paint from paw after this.
  3. With a PAINT BRUSH draw a little circle in the middle of the paw print to make it look like pollen in the paw-flower! Draw loads of those and add your own personal touches to make it your own unique paw-painting!
  4.  Have fun it´s Christmas!


Any way, Hope you have a lovely day today and I hope you forgiven me for not posting! Make sure you keep up with my Instagram – meandalfie for more!

Love you lots my little… je ne sais quoi (means I don´t know in French; Like my language skills?) I was thinking the other day, What can my followers be called because loads of people have them, Justin Bieber; Beliebers , Lady Gaga; Little Monsters , Me and alfie; ? If you come up with any let me know on my Instagram please!


          Me x



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