Doggy Christmas; 3

Hello World,

So , here it is; Christmas Day!

Over at my blog, even though we have only been on here for about 4 months, we have made a big family! I love you all so much and wish you the merriest Christmas ever! Have a lovely new year and I hope you are all well and ready for some really exciting blog posts planned. I cannot explain how overwhelmed I am to have over 400 followers here! I can´t thank you all enough.

Alfie is currently sitting with me and a cuppa tea enjoying the view so far! I have had such a lovely Christmas so far and I have just received a Polaroid so I can take lovely photos of Alfie. I am so excited for new year to come so I can show you all the exciting things going on behind the scenes loads of photos and fun!

I also got , to do with dogs , a life book about Alfie that I can fill in and put pictures in of him! I asked for LOTS of dog books about vets , labradors and emergency vet stories for kids. Also, I got a  dog print with Alfie´s shadow in gold and it says his name it and a pillow saying “Just me and Alfie” (links all below) from my wonderful sisters ( they wanted a shoutout ) India and Summer! Hehe. I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas with your pooches and I hope that you are keeping well and reading this full of Christmas cheer!

Do me a favor and listen to some Christmas music today , chill with your friends and family, and,not forgetting, your dogs. Cuddle up have a tea or Coffee and watch a Christmas film!

I´ll leave you to it for  now from me&alfie have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!

Snowy Pawprints,

Me x





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