Hello World,

Well, Christmas over, new year on it’s way! And meandalfie with another blog post!

Did your dog get a toy for Christmas? Has he chewed it to bits? I am sure they have had fun, but what are the dangers?

Here we go-

– Toys can be way to soft; biteable and a chocking hazard

-What I mean by ‘Biteable’ the dogs can chew a toy like that to pieces. Not only can they choke but also, think about; if the dog has just bitten it in 10 minutes or so the fun is lost. No more fun.

-Choking hazards: Beans; inside some teddies are beans. Roun d and small enough to fall down the dogs throat: another point for CHOKING HAZARD.

I know you might be thinking ‘What toy do I buy then?’ here is another guide:

-The Classic: Kong’s! also you can fill them with treats to occupy dog on a rainy day.

-A good old Trixie! hard a looks like a bone!

-Something you can get involved with:

Don’t want to have to put up with the trouble of things that are hazards?

View my next blog on how to teach dogs to cope with these things. Hence; my post on Instagram about getting Alfie a kids toy and him not biting it!

Thanks for reading and tune in on tomo for more….


Me x

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