Toys 2; Be Gentle!

Hello World,

In my last blog:‘ Toys’ I talked about the restrictions of toys for your dog. Well, what If I told you that we can change that by training this generation of dogs! Think of all the cute little toys that you’d love to buy but you know it would be a waste of time and money.

Here we go!


I want you to buy any cute soft toy that you know your dog would chew to pieces. Make sure it’s cheap though! Hehe. Place the teddy in their bed tucked up in a blanket. Show the teddy to your dog and gently hug the toy and treat it like your dog. If your dog goes to bite it tap him on the nose and say nicely but sternly  ‘no (name)’ Put the teddy down again and every time your dog goes to  bite it get more cross.

FUN FACT: A dog is most likely to do what you say if you say it nicely! Take that in mind when your angry. Haha! 


Comment below if you tried please!

I had a thought the other day; I would love to have my own dog like clothing line when i’m older. My dream job is to be  a vet, all I read is vet books and stories like that. I am currently reading a book by a girl called Jo Hardy. She’s fantastic! I love her book ‘Tales From A Young Vet’ it’s so amazing and honestly has inspired me even more to be a vet. I have also been checking out her website- It’s all about how she became a vet and how she loves it! She also has another book about vets abroad. If you have recently watched BBC2’s Young vets programme she was in it.

Anyways, thankyou for reading my blog today and I will be back on Sunday (New Years Eve) for more!


Me x

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Instagram: meandalfie

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Jo Hardy Books: Tales From A Young Vet-Click here Tales From A Wild Vet- Click here


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