New Year- Let’ s Refresh!

Hello World,

Here it is. New Year. 2017 is on it’s way. Adios,Au Revoir,Arrivederci,Ciao,Bon Voyage,Vale,See Ya Later 2016. On this blog I will just be reflecting on all my blogs from the past. This will be fun! Hehe.

Let’s start from the beginning a very good place to start: 

-My about post-  This was my first ever publish on the internet! I described Alfie in a very weird way: alfie

What was I thinking?

-Choosing the right dog breed for you- At this point I thought that I was an expert at dog breeds, Haha! Would be interesting to see who actually followed that guide! What dog would I definitely choose for an elderly?2.png

Alright, don’t get too excited!

Finding a good breeder–  Most people, at this point would think that I am promoting Pets4Homes. The amount of times I mentioned them in my whole history of blogs:

Finding a good breeder mention-P4H.png

Preparing mention-P4H2.png

Illnesses&Probz mention- PH43.png

Ok, so this blog post is uploaded on the 30th so tomo you will have part 2. Look out for it and I will keep you posted on my Instagram!

Have a lovely day my loves and hope to see you soon. And as for the dogs, Alf sends his love.


Me x



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