New Year!-Let’s Refresh;2

Hello World,

Well, last day EVER in history of 2016. Feels like yesterday that we welcomed in 2016 and now were saying goodbye? Nobody but you guys has made this blog successful. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy no 2 of ‘New Year’.

Where did we leave off? So, we left off at Illnesses& Probz.

-How to deal with barking- This one was actually requested by a fan as I said I was open to any ideas or problems you might have. She sent in that her dogs were barkers and always barked so I did a post for her.This is an important note that I said:


-Training Part 1- Funny thing was I never made a Part 2 and I had a good range of adjectives, haha! :

lazy ad.png

-Quick Word!-BORING!

-Lots Of New Followers!- Nothing Interesting!

-Frozen Peanut Butter Treats- Alfie loved these and they were amazing. SO easy to make that I thought I’d share them.If I were you though please follow the recipe word by word!

-MeandAlfie’s Instagram- SO emotional haha!

And that brings us to the end Doggy Christmases which I will do next year! Finally, Merry Christmas and a very happy prosperous new year my darlings! Speak soon! Oh and as for Jo hardy thanks a lot for liking!


Me x


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