How To Series; Explanation

Hello World,

So, I did lots of things to try and ask for blog ideas and I got so many ideas and things that people need to know in blog posts because they need help with their dog or something along those lines! But I had a really good idea that I liked and I kind of modified it. I thought I could do a How To Series? Do you like it? Good idea? I don’t know. Please comment below what How To blog you’d like! I really need ideas, guys.

Planned blogs I’d like to write about:

How To; Dog Treats Selection

I feel everyone would love this one! Celebration or not I would be sure to post treats that would definitely be healthy. HUMAN NOTE; THESE ARE STRICTLY FOR THE DOGS! Hehe.

How To; Birthday Celebration!

How fun? Definitely a must-have atleast once a year!

Any Ideas?

If you have any ideas for this short series make sure you let me KNOW! Comment down below if you have a wordpress account. If you don’t and want to you can! It’s completely free and enables you to like, comment and reblog any wordpress site. If you don’t feel like setting one up then go follow my instagram via @meandalfie by commenting on photos.

Thank you for reading and a very Happy New Year! Don’t forget to comment below any ideas! 😉


Me x

Where to find me-

Instagram- @meandalfie

Thanks for visiting!


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