How to; Birthday Party!

Hello world,

How are you all my loves? x

I know, I know , I didn’t carry on with the How To series but…

Guess who’s back,back,back, back again, gen,gen? *sings song.

So, as some of you may know alfie’s birthday is on the 31st (tomo) and I have been  planning partayyy and not forgetting doggy food!

How To Birthday Party will be a double threat blog… does that make sense? Anyway, this blog includes: planning a party and food for the pooches.

So without further of due… let’s go!


The party is SUPER important. It must be cute, festive and personal. Think about any memorable experiences and photos and hang them up! Invite any friend or families pooches and create a nice atmosphere. Ideas for loaction for a party depend on your dog and where you and him go. It could be where you may have had your first walk with your dog or where you spent time with your family, it may even be as cute and simple as your home. Complete with cute balloons.


Food is what EVERYONE loves. You must have food for the humans and animals! For the dogs I have a few suggestions for their cake/treats-

For humans-

  • Pizza
  • Crisps
  • Sandwiches
  • Chips
  • CAKE.

Thank you for reading my lovely readers! xx Love you all and let me know if this guide helps! Thanks again.


Me x


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