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Hello World,

Well I´m back! And I promise I´m back for good this time. I have no excuse for not blogging for 25 days but we´ll just have to live with that one, hehe!!! Today, I will be blogging, so the title gives away, about treats again as a recent viewer/Insta follower has requested me to do it! As you all know I am always open to sensible requests and may I ask you for them to be about dogs, pets or something along those lines as the same viewer requested for me to do something about Politics which I do not specialise in, by the way!

Here we gooooooooo-

So, treats can be healthy and unhealthy as we all know. But, some are actually ok. Obviously, we all give our dogs treats every now and then but PLEASE do not go over the top it can really hurt them, as much as they look like they want more, and as cute as those puppy dog eyes are, you just can´t give in.

Now, I shared on social media at how I gave Alf a treat a day for Advent which was cute but I got him one that now I realise I shouldn´t give him again! After this viewer asked me about treats I actually realised I don´t know to much about this subject so instead of doing a How To blog on how to make treats I decided I would do a How To on how to look out for good treats or not. I took it upon myself to look up and talk to people about dog treats and how to look out for good ones and they actually told me it´s about what company you trust and what companies use good recipes. Hand-made treats are the best because you know what you put in them and you know that what your using is good but if you can´t make them yourself…

  1. Check company
  2. LOOK ON THE BACK, where is it made and what ingredients do they use?
  3. ASK someone in the vet if you are unsure and obviously please do not hesitate to ask me either in the comment or on my Insta- meandalfie< click there.

These instructions ubove are really important and if, after you give your dog a treat or food and they have symptoms of…

  • Swelling- This could be quantity of food or type of food.
  • Over Tiredness- is that a word?  Yes, if you see your dog really tired this COULD  be a sign too, but don´t be worried TOO much with this one as there could be other reasons as to why your dog is acting tired.
  • Shy- If your dog is constantly walking around with it´s tail down and hiding under places this could be a symptom too.

If any of these symptoms come up, you may want to think about changing dog food! Obviously, all dogs are different, this is symptoms that I have witnessed with my dog.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog and I certainly would love more requests. A little quote I found on the internet before you leave ♥

You can trust your dog to guard your house,but, you can´t trust your dog with your sandwich!


Have a lovely day my friends♥


Me x



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