How To; Introduce A New Dog To Another.

Hello World,

So, here I am with another blog and this one is also a request!! I said last night over at my Insta that I would post a requested blog tonight, so here you go. It’s raining cats and dogs and I’m sat down with a cuppa tea and to be honest I’m watching University Challenge, lol. Let’s get on with the blog-

Thinking about getting a new dog?

Ok, so we all know that once we have chosen a good breed that fits in with us, which I have done a blog about  , we all know that the next step is to start looking at breeders (which I have also done a blog about,hehe.) Now, this blog is about when you get home and your dog is anxiously waiting to have a sniff at the new pup. Ultimately the focus, when you get home, is all about the new, cute pup and everyone is crowding round it. This is when your dog can develop a hatred or jealousy of the pup so someone also needs to be giving attention to your dog. Then , your new pup and dog are equally treated.

Time to meet newcomer!

Once we have all got used to our surroundings and dogs are being treated equally it is time to let them properly meet and play.  First, dogs should be taken to a place where neither of them can show dominance or act territorial. It is no ones territory so there is no unfairness. Let the dogs roam free, obviously keep your eye on them, but, don’t get panicked or get worried as it will make them panicked and worried. If they play, let them. If they sniff, let them. Long story short, first meeting should not take place at home.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I’m always welcome to requests and have loved reading your ideas. Please keep sending them in.

Have an amazing weekend.


Me x


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