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Hello World,

First of all, look at me daily bloggin’! So, I have decided to do sort of like a storytime about my life with Alfie. I have found out loads about Alfie’s parents as I only saw the mother when I bought him! For those of you who are familiar with Jack Russells, their history and their famous pooches; his dad is Dennis the Jack Russell: a famous Jack Russell in England. I am actually going to insert a photo of him here:


Quality Rare Jack Russell Stud Dennis at Pets FREE Classifieds

You can sort of see Alf in him and his nose is the exact same! LOL.

OK, so without further or do let’s get into this blog (that sounds like a YT video but let’s roll with it,OK?) Let’s go⇒

Before We Were Together?

So, I met Alf when he was 9 weeks old (and I bought him when he was 9 wks old) through Pets4Homes. I still have the photos from when he was on the internet! When I was little I always used to look at all the dogs for sale on Pets4Homes, and one night I went on there and saw what I thought would just be another dog that I begged my family for. We looked at him all night and my family agreed that we could go and have a look at him the next morning! I was so happy and I woke up the next morning buzzing to go! Me and my dad got in the car and off we went to Telford,Shropshire… Unluckily, there was a football match on that day so we got stuck in so much traffic but we managed to get there on time. When we arrived, I saw a cat, 3 puppies and a mum all outside the house. Then, when we walked inside I saw baby, baby puppies and when I say that I mean 1 day old puppies! Then, I felt and heard little tiny feet going around mine and there he was. My little baby boy, as soon as I saw him I wanted to call him Alfie. My dad knew that I loved him. So, we took him home and adventure began… When I picked up my mum and my sister in the car Alf was sick all over my sister’s scarf, haha! Unfortunately, that day I had to go to my bestfriends party! I couldn’t take Alf with me as he hadn’t had his vaccinations. And that was the start of my story.

Then it was just Me & Alfie and we were unstoppable…

So, that was my storytime and I hope you enjoyed! I’m going to start making a Category for storytimes as I think they are really nice and interesting to read, also, it was nice for me to reflect back on old times and certainly the best times. Love you all so much and as always thanks for your continued support x


Me x


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