How to; Snaps in the Summer 2017!

Hello World,

Today is a bit of a different blog for you all! I have decided to do a blog of how to get the perfect snaps for your insta of your doogies this summer! If you don´t already, go follow meandalfie insta page! It´s literally called “meandalfie”  So, let´s get on with this blog then.


It´s all about the backdrop!  I usually take mine on solid colours for example:

On the grass, by the pool, on the sand etc.

I also like to blur the background out so that it has an effect ,sort of.

Here is a pic I took:

Alfie and his sister: Lady, in the garden!                                          Solid colour: Grass


When I edit on my Iphone, I knock the saturation up a few, but, now I have a Nikon to use, I don´t need to! The grass is always greener with a Nikon 😉

Normally, I don´t really edit my photos but I do crop them (which is pretty self-explanatory!)


Captions are necessary! From personal experience, do not make it long-winded or draggy; get what you want to say OUT and be done with it. Everything is crucial from the emojis to the punctuation you use. For example:


Zzzzzzzzz….   P.S- there will be a blog post tonight- tune in!

Short, snappy and easy going!

Thank you for reading todays blog post! Please leave some suggestions as to which blog posts you would like to see this Summer! I´m really sorry for not uploading and I have no excuse. I love you all alot ♥


     Me x


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