My First Blog Post Was 1 Year Ago…

Hello World,

Today/ this weekend is so special for me, 1 year ago today I decided to write my first blog post…

The day was really busy and my nan was here. She helped me design my page and customise my site, thanks x That day I also had my best friends birthday party and I got my nails done and then my phone did a little ring-aling-aling and it was a reminder I had set saying “blog is up in 15mins” I was so scared incase my blog wasn´t good enough. All my friends were like what´s that ring sound and I was like “oh, it´s just my mum” lol. Then 15 mins later it did it again- I had set another one saying “BLOG IS UP!” I was so embarrassed but also excited.

I came back home and I remember telling my family how I had a view from Dubai! I was so happy. I remember that my original days to post were Sundays and Wednesdays. I was so excited as I had some views from India over to the UK then back to Dubai, China and Russia. X

Thank you guys SO much for making my blogging possible x My thank you´s are unconditional. THANKYOU ♥

Me & Alfie love writing blogs, taking pictures (thats Alfies part!) and sharing our love for dogs over the globe. We love you guys x

Handprints & pawprints,

               Me & Alfie x


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