About Me

Hello There!

I am the owner of Alfie; I am the blogger.

I thought that I had an about me page but turns out I haven’t! Normally, on this blog I save my name as ‘me’ because this blog isn’t about me it’s about my dog so I like the name ‘Alfie’ to stand out! The lengths I go for my dog. Hehe!

Why Blogs?

Why Blogs, because blogs are writing, when writing you can just go on and on until your hearts content! Also, because nobody really understood me when I said I loved dogs I mean who doesn’t? But when I meant I love dogs I really did love them! So, I thought I could share my love through writing to other dog lovers and they could share their experiences and I could share mine!

Why Dogs?

Why dogs, because ever since I was born we have always been surrounded by dogs. Alfie joined when I was 9 years old and I am now 10. My other 2 dogs; Lady and Princess were there since I was 0 literally wasn’t even born when we bought them! Sadly though, in 2015, Princess died of enlarged heart (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) 1 day before her 10th Birthday.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the blogs!


Me x