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Hello World,

First of all, look at me daily bloggin’! So, I have decided to do sort of like a storytime about my life with Alfie. I have found out loads about Alfie’s parents as I only saw the mother when I bought him! For those of you who are familiar with Jack Russells, their history and their famous pooches; his dad is Dennis the Jack Russell: a famous Jack Russell in England. I am actually going to insert a photo of him here:


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You can sort of see Alf in him and his nose is the exact same! LOL.

OK, so without further or do let’s get into this blog (that sounds like a YT video but let’s roll with it,OK?) Let’s go⇒

Before We Were Together?

So, I met Alf when he was 9 weeks old (and I bought him when he was 9 wks old) through Pets4Homes. I still have the photos from when he was on the internet! When I was little I always used to look at all the dogs for sale on Pets4Homes, and one night I went on there and saw what I thought would just be another dog that I begged my family for. We looked at him all night and my family agreed that we could go and have a look at him the next morning! I was so happy and I woke up the next morning buzzing to go! Me and my dad got in the car and off we went to Telford,Shropshire… Unluckily, there was a football match on that day so we got stuck in so much traffic but we managed to get there on time. When we arrived, I saw a cat, 3 puppies and a mum all outside the house. Then, when we walked inside I saw baby, baby puppies and when I say that I mean 1 day old puppies! Then, I felt and heard little tiny feet going around mine and there he was. My little baby boy, as soon as I saw him I wanted to call him Alfie. My dad knew that I loved him. So, we took him home and adventure began… When I picked up my mum and my sister in the car Alf was sick all over my sister’s scarf, haha! Unfortunately, that day I had to go to my bestfriends party! I couldn’t take Alf with me as he hadn’t had his vaccinations. And that was the start of my story.

Then it was just Me & Alfie and we were unstoppable…

So, that was my storytime and I hope you enjoyed! I’m going to start making a Category for storytimes as I think they are really nice and interesting to read, also, it was nice for me to reflect back on old times and certainly the best times. Love you all so much and as always thanks for your continued support x


Me x

Dogs in General!

Hello World,

So, I’ve got a little blog today that wasn’t planned! I thought about this today: I’d really like to answer some questions about dogs in general. So, I got 3 important questions that people always ask about and I have done my research so I’m going to answer them in my own words!♥

Are you comfy? Great. Let’s go then⇒

Q1. Why does my dog snap at other dogs?

OK, so normally there are 2 reasons why they might snap at other dogs;

  1. Because they are unsocial or feel tense around other dogs! Dogs make other dogs feel uncomfortable sometimes (does that make sense? Yep, I think it does) and they might snap or growl or stick out their teeth for that.
  2.  Also, some dogs may think they are protecting you or may want to protect you they feel almost responsible for you. In a way, this just shows how purely caring dogs really are! ( Then again don’t know whether the word ‘purely’ fits right in that sentence but hey-ho who says I have to be grammatically correct, LOL.)

    Q2. Is it true that dogs can die from chocolate?

    Basically, long story short, a teeny weeny bit of chocolate is never going to do much damage. Although you must never give your dog choco on purpose this is in a case of it dropping on the floor by accident or a dog jumping up to it etc. etc. But, no a little bit of chocolate will not hurt. 


      Q3. Is it true that dogs can only see in black&white?

No. That is completely false. Dogs can see in multiple colours not just black &white.

However, I did used to believe that dogs only saw in yellow? Did anyone else think

   that?  Please comment down below if you did, make me feel better guys! Hehe.

   Yeah, so it was interesting for me to research this one too! Haha.

Veterinarians used to believe that dogs saw only in black and white, but recent studies suggest that they actually do have some colour vision—but it’s not as bright as a human’s – Internet

Anyways, I´m afraid that is the end of todays blog, guys! Hope you enjoyed and I hope you learnt something!!

Irrelevant note: Today, I watched a film called ‘a dogs purpose’ I really recommend dog lovers to watch it. I cried about 2 times it was such a lovely film! Really shows how we love our dogs x 

Also Irrelevant: Found this cute quote today and I really wanted to insert it as it is adorbs:

Nice way to sum up this blog. Thanks as ever for reading and I think another blog will be uploaded tomo! Have fun and have a lovely day x


Me x



Why I haven´t posted in 2 months ♥

Hello World,


Guys, I am really sorry that I haven´t uploaded for AGES. literally. 2. months. not even funny! Thanks to you guys who have waited and sorry!!!

Don´t worry though because whilst I have been away I have been planning some really exciting posts! You can look forward to; more crazy dog cake recipe tryouts! (some go really bad so I don´t give them to Alf I just try them out but some are amazing!), also, more tips and tricks, loads of keeping dogs fit (weather good or bad!), and, some recounts of walks and stories of Alfieeeeee! I´m so excited to get back into the routine of blogging and planning, I JUST CAN´T WAIT! Also, I can´t wait to get back on my insta! If your not following my socials ( I only have insta ) click here wooo! < and hit that ‘FOLLOW’ button.

Anyways, thank you for reading this incredibly useless blog! Hehe, jks x Love you all so much guys! Xx



     Me x


How To; Introduce A New Dog To Another.

Hello World,

So, here I am with another blog and this one is also a request!! I said last night over at my Insta that I would post a requested blog tonight, so here you go. It’s raining cats and dogs and I’m sat down with a cuppa tea and to be honest I’m watching University Challenge, lol. Let’s get on with the blog-

Thinking about getting a new dog?

Ok, so we all know that once we have chosen a good breed that fits in with us, which I have done a blog about  , we all know that the next step is to start looking at breeders (which I have also done a blog about,hehe.) Now, this blog is about when you get home and your dog is anxiously waiting to have a sniff at the new pup. Ultimately the focus, when you get home, is all about the new, cute pup and everyone is crowding round it. This is when your dog can develop a hatred or jealousy of the pup so someone also needs to be giving attention to your dog. Then , your new pup and dog are equally treated.

Time to meet newcomer!

Once we have all got used to our surroundings and dogs are being treated equally it is time to let them properly meet and play.  First, dogs should be taken to a place where neither of them can show dominance or act territorial. It is no ones territory so there is no unfairness. Let the dogs roam free, obviously keep your eye on them, but, don’t get panicked or get worried as it will make them panicked and worried. If they play, let them. If they sniff, let them. Long story short, first meeting should not take place at home.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I’m always welcome to requests and have loved reading your ideas. Please keep sending them in.

Have an amazing weekend.


Me x

How To; Treats

Hello World,

Well I´m back! And I promise I´m back for good this time. I have no excuse for not blogging for 25 days but we´ll just have to live with that one, hehe!!! Today, I will be blogging, so the title gives away, about treats again as a recent viewer/Insta follower has requested me to do it! As you all know I am always open to sensible requests and may I ask you for them to be about dogs, pets or something along those lines as the same viewer requested for me to do something about Politics which I do not specialise in, by the way!

Here we gooooooooo-

So, treats can be healthy and unhealthy as we all know. But, some are actually ok. Obviously, we all give our dogs treats every now and then but PLEASE do not go over the top it can really hurt them, as much as they look like they want more, and as cute as those puppy dog eyes are, you just can´t give in.

Now, I shared on social media at how I gave Alf a treat a day for Advent which was cute but I got him one that now I realise I shouldn´t give him again! After this viewer asked me about treats I actually realised I don´t know to much about this subject so instead of doing a How To blog on how to make treats I decided I would do a How To on how to look out for good treats or not. I took it upon myself to look up and talk to people about dog treats and how to look out for good ones and they actually told me it´s about what company you trust and what companies use good recipes. Hand-made treats are the best because you know what you put in them and you know that what your using is good but if you can´t make them yourself…

  1. Check company
  2. LOOK ON THE BACK, where is it made and what ingredients do they use?
  3. ASK someone in the vet if you are unsure and obviously please do not hesitate to ask me either in the comment or on my Insta- meandalfie< click there.

These instructions ubove are really important and if, after you give your dog a treat or food and they have symptoms of…

  • Swelling- This could be quantity of food or type of food.
  • Over Tiredness- is that a word?  Yes, if you see your dog really tired this COULD  be a sign too, but don´t be worried TOO much with this one as there could be other reasons as to why your dog is acting tired.
  • Shy- If your dog is constantly walking around with it´s tail down and hiding under places this could be a symptom too.

If any of these symptoms come up, you may want to think about changing dog food! Obviously, all dogs are different, this is symptoms that I have witnessed with my dog.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog and I certainly would love more requests. A little quote I found on the internet before you leave ♥

You can trust your dog to guard your house,but, you can´t trust your dog with your sandwich!


Have a lovely day my friends♥


Me x


How to; Birthday Party!

Hello world,

How are you all my loves? x

I know, I know , I didn’t carry on with the How To series but…

Guess who’s back,back,back, back again, gen,gen? *sings song.

So, as some of you may know alfie’s birthday is on the 31st (tomo) and I have been  planning partayyy and not forgetting doggy food!

How To Birthday Party will be a double threat blog… does that make sense? Anyway, this blog includes: planning a party and food for the pooches.

So without further of due… let’s go!


The party is SUPER important. It must be cute, festive and personal. Think about any memorable experiences and photos and hang them up! Invite any friend or families pooches and create a nice atmosphere. Ideas for loaction for a party depend on your dog and where you and him go. It could be where you may have had your first walk with your dog or where you spent time with your family, it may even be as cute and simple as your home. Complete with cute balloons.


Food is what EVERYONE loves. You must have food for the humans and animals! For the dogs I have a few suggestions for their cake/treats-

For humans-

  • Pizza
  • Crisps
  • Sandwiches
  • Chips
  • CAKE.

Thank you for reading my lovely readers! xx Love you all and let me know if this guide helps! Thanks again.


Me x

How To Series; Explanation

Hello World,

So, I did lots of things to try and ask for blog ideas and I got so many ideas and things that people need to know in blog posts because they need help with their dog or something along those lines! But I had a really good idea that I liked and I kind of modified it. I thought I could do a How To Series? Do you like it? Good idea? I don’t know. Please comment below what How To blog you’d like! I really need ideas, guys.

Planned blogs I’d like to write about:

How To; Dog Treats Selection

I feel everyone would love this one! Celebration or not I would be sure to post treats that would definitely be healthy. HUMAN NOTE; THESE ARE STRICTLY FOR THE DOGS! Hehe.

How To; Birthday Celebration!

How fun? Definitely a must-have atleast once a year!

Any Ideas?

If you have any ideas for this short series make sure you let me KNOW! Comment down below if you have a wordpress account. If you don’t and want to you can! It’s completely free and enables you to like, comment and reblog any wordpress site. If you don’t feel like setting one up then go follow my instagram via @meandalfie by commenting on photos.

Thank you for reading and a very Happy New Year! Don’t forget to comment below any ideas! 😉


Me x

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